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It’s strange
The feeling I felt last night
I was holding my knife
And was sharpening my technique
And suddenly
My hand slipped
I felt the warmth erupt
And then
I felt it slide down my thigh
I laughed
Because it was at that moment
That I realized that even I
Someone who was considered a threat
Someone who others considered a god
Even I
Could bleed.

Let me be..

Let my knife
Pierce your throat.
Let my hands
Gouge out your eyes
Let my fist
Crush your ribs
Let my foot
Crush your skull
Let my being
Be consumed with hatred
Let me be
Consumed with rage
Let me be
Covered in blood
Let me kill


You think you’ve got me figured out, but it’s time you know the truth,

Because the me that you see is one that satisfies you,

You didn’t like who I was, so you created someone different,

Didn’t like all the fighting, so you made me someone less resistant,

Tried to create me in your image, but I’ll never be picture perfect,

You’ve kept me sinking for too long, now it’s time to rise above the surface

-Adel Dada


Today I remember that
She was the one
That I once cared for.
I tried to treat her
With respect,
With love,
But she saw that only
For a moment.
It simply wasn’t enough.
Yet when we
Went our own ways
We shared love once more
And when I fell
For someone else
She told me
That I
Was no better
Than the man who raped her…

Pain, anger, fear, and depression.

Western Pygmy Possum, “AKA big eared mouse w grabby little hands”

awriterwithoutwords look babe


Western Pygmy Possum, “AKA big eared mouse w grabby little hands”

awriterwithoutwords look babe

Today he died,
The man
That Ordered me dead.
The man
That I tired to kill.
The man
That I taught to kill
The man
That saved my life
The man
That told me to leave
The man
That told me I was better than that life
The man
That tried to drag me back in
The man
That also kicked me out
The man
The man that told me
Stick with Samson
Stay with goliath
They know what you don’t
The brother
That killed them both
All that’s left Is me
I never thought I’d miss you…
But some things in life
Just cannot be expected.
He is
The man
The enemy
The brother
The temptation
The guilt
The pain
The suffering
But above all that
He was Caesar
He was Michael.
He was…
At one time..
My friend..



Adventure Crime Series by SHillustraion / Tumblr

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Russian Spetsnaz in crimea


Russian Spetsnaz in crimea